Books About Ayn Rand

Letters of Ayn Rand (Edited by Michael Berliner)

Letters of Ayn Rand cover Discover the “personal” Ayn Rand in this wondrous collection of her letters. Read what she wrote to an amazing array of people—from Barry Goldwater, Frank Lloyd Wright and Mickey Spillane, to Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Stack and Cecil B. DeMille. Whether she is writing to philosophers, artists, Hollywood celebrities, family members, captains of industry or her admiring fans, her unmistakable style and character are always in evidence.

Journals of Ayn Rand (Edited by David Harriman)

Journals of Ayn Rand cover Ayn Rand was an endless fount of brilliantly original ideas. This book is a collection of her exploratory (and occasionally final) thoughts, from 1927 through the 1960s, on a variety of subjects.

Ayn Rand (2004) (A biography by Jeff Britting)

Ayn Rand cover Ayn Rand made a profound impact both as a philosopher who defined a new philosophic system, Objectivism, and as a novelist of penetrating insight and vision. Her novels are based on heroic ideals, demonstrating her famous maxim (from which she drew the title of her first best-seller) that, “man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress.” The photos and illustrations in this volume have been hand-selected from the Ayn Rand Archives, and most have never been published.

“My Thirty Years with Ayn Rand” (By Leonard Peikoff in The Voice of Reason)

Leonard Peikoff Dr. Peikoff offers moving insights into the real Ayn Rand—the thinker, the artist, the teacher, the passionate valuer of the best within man.

Facets of Ayn Rand (Memoirs by Mary Ann Sures and Charles Sures. The book is available at The Ayn Rand Institute eStore)

Facets of Ayn Rand cover For the first time in book form, a portrait of Ayn Rand has been written by authors who have, not some ax to grind, but only a desire to do her justice.

[Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life][3] (A documentary DVD by Michael Paxton)

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life cover The first authorized film to look at the life and work of the Russian-born author.