Leonard Peikoff’s Works

Dr. Leonard Peikoff, a longtime student of Ayn Rand, has dedicated his career to understanding and explaining the philosophy of Objectivism.

She said of his [1976 course on Objectivism][], “Unless or until I write a comprehensive treatise on my philosophy, Dr. Peikoff’s course is the only authorized presentation of the entire theoretical structure of Objectivism—that is, the only one that I know of my own knowledge to be fully accurate.” That course was the basis for his book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand (written after her death)—a systematic presentation of the philosophy’s essential principles.

Dr. Peikoff’s first book, The Ominous Parallels, applies the principles of Objectivism to explain the rise of Nazism in Germany/and observes how the same evil ideas behind that movement are at work in America. Ayn Rand’s introduction to the book praised it as offering “a truly revolutionary idea in the field of the philosophy of history.”

Dr. Peikoff was a contributor to and an associate editor (with Ayn Rand) of The Objectivist (1966–71) and The Ayn Rand Letter (1971–76). Designated by Ayn Rand as her legal heir and literary executor, he has edited most of her posthumous books and was instrumental in the founding of the Ayn Rand Institute.

He is the foremost interpreter of Ayn Rand’s ideas writing and lecturing today.